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Typically "elder" is defined as 65 or over. You do not need to be over 65 to engage the services of an elder law attorney. You could be concerned about your mom or dad and needing to make decisions for them and having the legal right to do so. That can be done simply through powers of attorney or may require a court proceeding for a guardianship.

It may be that you are getting older and need to discuss your options for who might be able to make decisions for you when the time is needed or you need clarification on how your wishes for your finances and medical decisions can be respectfully represented on your behalf.

Importantly, you need to know what your options might be and how the law can help. That's what we do at Telschow Johnson Law. We provide answers so that you can make informed decisions for your life.

Elder law is a legal term covering an area of legal practice placing an emphasis on those issues affecting a growing and aging population.

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What is Elder Law?