About The Firm

Telschow Johnson Law PLLC provides effective, personable, trustworthy and professional representation that clients can count on. Attorney Karen Telschow Johnson has been practicing law for more than 15 years. She opened her firm in order to fulfill her passion for educating people about the importance of advanced care planning, the probate process and estate planning. She believes in the power of knowledge and wants everyone to be well-informed of their options, so they can make plans that are in their best interests. When you work with Karen it's like having both an attorney and a counselor on your side.

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Working Hard For What Matters Most

At Telschow Johnson Law PLLC, we take the time to really listen to what our clients need, answer questions, provide thorough explanations and help create workable remedies in order to secure legacies and futures. Lawyer Telschow Johnson was raised in Houston, and after attending college and starting her family, she decided it was time to move back home. She settled in Fort Worth, where she enjoys giving back to the community that she loves. She founded her firm and is raising her family on the belief that when much is given, one should expect to give as much in return.

Dedicated Advocacy You Can Rely On

When you choose to work with Karen, she will provide you with a comfortable and welcoming environment to talk and make tough decisions. She will talk you through your options, help you narrow down what is important, figure out what you need and give you the tools to make decisions for you and your family. If you need assistance with asset protection, elder law matters or advanced care planning, she can help. Contact her today, or call her Texas office at 817-653-8889 to see how she can help you plan for your future.