Assisting Individuals And Families With Care

The thought of becoming ill or passing away is emotionally trying. Making decisions during these two scenarios can be complex and complicated for everyone involved. At Telschow Johnson Law PLLC, our attorney understands how important and difficult these circumstances are and uses her experience and skill to act as an attorney and counselor in order to fully assist you.

Giving You The Tools To Make Vital Advanced Care Decisions

Advanced care planning is the process of creating instructions for a time when you can no longer make your own medical decisions. You may have advance directives such as a power of attorney for health care or a living will, but these extra steps help ensure that your wishes are understood and respected. We believe that a directive to physicians and a completed five wishes document are imperative for our clients. When you work with us, we take the time to educate you on the difference between palliative and curative care and explain your options so you can thoroughly communicate your wishes on how you want to be treated should you find yourself in circumstances where you are unable to speak for yourself.

We believe in giving our clients the knowledge needed to make informed decisions tailored to fit their beliefs, needs and goals. For us, advanced care planning and long-term care planning are about better treatment and better education for our clients. We will walk you through the maze of available options with compassion, guidance and care. Our attorney will provide you with real information so you are equipped to have these hard conversations with your families.

Time is important, and while this topic is difficult, you will want to have these discussions before it is too late.

Helping You Understand Asset Division And Probate

Probate is a proceeding that oversees independent or supervised administration of an individual's estate. This asset distribution system is complex and often misunderstood. It is important that you understand what you have, how it is titled and what may pass through the probate process and outside of the probate process.

Our probate lawyer will take the time to go through your estate plan, assets and documentation, so that you can ensure your property will be distributed smoothly and according to your wishes when the time comes.

Working To Execute The Best Plan For You

From family conversations about what to expect in the probate process, to family conversations about advanced care planning and expectations when diagnosed with a terminal condition, we take care of families and their legacies.

Plan for the future today. Contact us to set up an appointment. Call our office at 817-653-8889 to speak with our probate and advanced care planning attorney. Located in Fort Worth, we help individuals and families throughout Texas with all estate planning and elder law needs.